Rudaw: Kurdish TV with International Equipments and Supplies

Mahmoud Awwad

Rudaw (the event) TV, is a new Kurdish media platform whose launchers wanted to provide Iraqi Kurds with a screen that displays a modern speech capable of attracting the Kurdish viewer. The TV station has been set by the Lebanese company, VI Pro, which deals with televisions’ architecture, broadcast stations and decors of news and programs studios.

First Frame magazine met the founder and general director of VI Pro, Rany Zeitouny, who spoke about his company’s equipping of Rudaw Media Network building in Erbil, Iraq, which began broadcasting live last May.

Rany Zeitouny, who enjoys 23 years of experience in the field of television, noted that “VI Pro carried out the project from A to Z, for the building was a showroom that was transformed into a modern television building with all the necessary facilities, in addition to a newsroom, a production studio and a broadcasting channel belonging to the network. The company has also worked on the preparation and delivery of small studios in several different areas in Kurdistan to facilitate hosting the figures of live talk shows”.

VI Pro work is summarized by equipping the television from artistic design, electricity maps, to cables and installation of lighting. Even the floors and ceilings have been equipped to fit with modern studios.


International Equipment and Supplies

Zeitouny explains that the television was equipped to broadcast in HD, and all of the used cables are fiber optics. Moreover, the station is equipped with the highest quality cameras for external imaging like XD Cam Sony, and for internal filming, with Full HD broadcast cameras.

Martin LED was installed for optical effects, KINO-Fo for the lighting, Cool Light and the Strand for dimmable lighting or to use it in the traditional way. With regard to audio equipment, all of them were of YAMAHA and Sennheiser brands. An 8-meter long and 2-meter high screen was used in the news studio from the global company Barco.

Delivery of the project

Architect Hassan Mourad, a specialist in internal architecture designed three-dimensional maps of the TV and applied his work on the field with the start of the implementation processes; from cooling and electricity supplies, to the movement of the cameras from floor to another and from one studio to another to facilitate the operations of direction.

Murad told First Frame that his mission was to “ensure the accuracy of the implementation and resolve problems that may face the team, and the project was handed over with explaining every detail to the TV officials to approve the designs and maps that have been applied precisely on the ground”.

It is worth mentioning that the Rudaw network includes Rudaw Tv, Rudaw Radio, Rudaw newspaper that is issued in Kurdish – Sorani dialect from Iraq’s Kurdistan and another one in the Kurdish – Karamnjeh dialect that is issued in Europe. Rudaw electronic site ( is being edited from the city of Hewlêr in Iraqi Kurdistan in both Kurdish (Sorani and Akarmangeh) and English languages.


The company’s previous projects

VI Pro Company specializing in Architectural Space Planning and Concept Design, has also participated in the processing of the Libyan television in 2006, where it undertook to draw all the designs and the concept of the station until it was running in a matter of six months.

The company has equipped studios in the Lebanese MTV, Dubai TV, MBC, Etijah, and Sumareyyah TV stations as it also contributed to the Jordanian television 10 years ago and Palestine TV.

The company’s works include equipping the studios of programs “Akid Maestro” and “Lil Nasher”, “As-hab Ennojoum”, “Chehrzan”, “Sports Files” and “Dolarat w Seyyarat” and “Shaer el Shoara’a” and others…

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